Revitalize Your Car with PDRTX’s Hail Damage Expertise in Frisco Texas, 75034

Discover the transformative power of our auto hail repair services. Our before-and-after gallery showcases our ability to restore vehicles to their pre-storm condition. Trust your car with the experienced hands of our Frisco auto hail repair team and witness a return to excellence.

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Join the ranks of 20,000 satisfied owners who've trusted their vehicles to us for a dent-free return
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More than 10 million dents erased, restoring the impeccable look of countless cars.
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Top Reasons to Choose PDRTX for Auto Hail Repair in Frisco

PDRTX stands out in Frisco for our dedicated approach to restoring vehicles affected by hail. We combine expert knowledge with state-of-the-art technology to ensure each car we service is returned to its owner in impeccable condition.

Specialized Hail Damage Team

Certified Experts: Our team’s certification and extensive experience in hail damage repair set us apart.

Proven Results: Our reputation is built on consistent, positive customer feedback and exceptional repair outcomes.

Advanced Tools: We employ cutting-edge techniques tailored for comprehensive hail damage repair.

All-Inclusive Hail Repair Solutions

Quality Service:From minor dents to major hail damage, our services cover all aspects of repair, ensuring flawless results.

Vehicle Value: Our meticulous approach helps maintain your vehicle's original appearance and value.

Fast Turnaround: Understanding the inconvenience of vehicle repair, we strive to complete all repairs promptly, getting you back on the road faster.

Customer-Centric Services

Courtesy Vehicle: We provide a free loaner car, so you don't miss a beat while we repair yours.

Easy Scheduling: Book your repair at a time that works for you, with flexible options designed around your needs.

Safe & Secure: Your vehicle's safety and security are our top priorities throughout the repair process.

Discover PDR – Revolutionizing Auto Hail Repair In Frisco Texas

Choose PDRTX in Frisco, Texas 75034, for your auto hail repair needs and benefit from our dedication to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. Let us restore your vehicle’s condition and ensure it looks and performs at its best post-hail damage.

Contact us now to schedule your repair and take the first step towards a fully restored vehicle.

PDRTX: Your Go-To for Free Auto Hail Repair Inspection in Frisco, Texas 75034

Unlock hassle-free auto hail repair solutions with PDRTX, offering a complimentary inspection service in Frisco, Texas. Whether at your convenience or ours, we ensure the process is smooth and straightforward. Embark on the path to a pristine vehicle with our expert team – it's entirely on us!

Jose doing Dent Repair on hail damaged hood at the PDRTX shop in Celina Texas

Don't Compromise Your Safety Over Dents - Opt for Frisco's Premier PDRTX Services!

Overlooking auto hail damage can escalate into greater concerns, from diminished vehicle value to potential rust. Choose PDRTX's unparalleled auto hail repair services in Frisco, Texas, for impeccable care. Take action now to maintain your vehicle in top-notch condition with our trusted expertise.

Ford SUV after PDR servicing with PDRTX in Celina Texas
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PDRTX Auto Hail Repair: Hear From Our Satisfied Customers

Find out why PDRTX is highly rated with over 150 Google reviews for our exceptional auto hail repair services. Our commitment to excellence has earned us a solid 5-star reputation.

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I was in awe when I saw my truck for the first time after leaving my truck with PDRTX Auto Hail Repair; I had to look twice because my truck looked like it was new. The service that was provided by PDRTX Auto Hail Repair was amazing. When I dropped my hail dented truck off, they provided me with a car to drive while the repairs were being done. The courtesy of this company was second to none.
PDRTX Auto Hail Repair went beyond the hail repairs and even had my truck detailed inside and out before I picked my vehicle up. I was so happy with the service they provided that I recommend them for any hail repairs that you may need. PDRTX Auto Hail Repair, my wife and I really appreciate you for your kindness and service.
Leaodus Phea Testimonial Icon

Leaodus Phea

Hail Damage Repair

So happy with my experience at PDRTX! They are the best! After I heard back from my insurance, I dropped my car off (right before heading out of town on vacation) and they handled all the details. I didn’t think about the car (or insurance) at all on my trip. The day before I arrived back home, they reached out to let me know it had been completed. Everyone I spoke with at PDRTX was friendly and professional. The car looks brand new! No hail dents anywhere! They definitely went the extra mile to make sure everything with insurance was handled and that my car was ready and PERFECT right when I returned from vacation. 😊 5 stars all around! I highly recommend PDRTX!
Shannon Beitchman Testimonial Icon

Shannon Beitchman

Hail Damage Repair

Let me share my experience with PDRTX .I brought brand new Mustang Gt premium 3 months back but in the month of may my car was damaged with Hail storm I was so worried I know the insurance gonna cover it but how I need to fix this at that a point I got a referral from one of my friend about PDRTXMr.Jose he came to my residence and estimated the damage and he gave me assurance that he gonna take care of it I went to drop my car to PDRTX  the place was amazing the team is really dedicated. Mr. JOSE he gave me a courtesy rental car which is not covered in my insurance but he said your out valued costumer I really like that.He just spoke to my insurance and did all my paper work and finally handover my car after 3 weeks but I am shocked becoz the work was amazing it’s like my brand new car is back  very very impressive with PDRTX WORK
Dr. Manikanth Reddy Testimonial Icon

Dr. Manikanth Reddy

Hail Damage Repair

I was about to put my beloved Stella up for sale as is. And within 24 hours of making that decision, I get a knock on my drivers side window. It was a guy from PDRTX handing me a business card and he said “we can fix your car”...I was hopeful that they wouldn’t let me down. PDRTX handled all the insurance stuff. I was in their courtesy loaner for a month. I never paid a dime. Every time a new update was made to the car, Joel was calling or texting me to fill me in. And finally, drum roll please……the end result. Stella was literally brand new again. I have tears in my eyes as I write this, these guys are the real deal. They over delivered on a car that I had lost all hope for.I am beyond happy with my results. I am honored to have earned a spot on the PDRTX Instagram. This before and after is gnarly and it’s all thanks to PDRTX that I can drive Stella anywhere in confidence now. Thank you PDRTX!
Testimonial Icon

Ms Painted Lady

Hail Damage Repair

No doubt so many people have given them 5 star reviews. Joel was amazing in handling the issue. My car had a lot of dents from hail storm on 19th May 2023 when I was at the StoneBriar Mall. I contacted PDRTX and visited them at their Celina facility. Joel asked me to get a claim number from my insurance and once I got that claim number he gave me an appointment to drop the car. My car was with them for 3 weeks during which time I got a loaner vehicle from them. (I had that option on my insurance)Approximately 10 days was taken by Insurance and them to get the paper work and agree to the claim damages. Everything was handled by PDRTX. Apart from getting claim number and dropping my vehicle at their facility I did not had to worry about anything.
Rajesh Vadlamani Testimonial Icon

Rajesh Vadlamani

Hail Damage Repair

I hope this message is interpreted at its highest and most effective way of articulation as possible. Jessie, Jose, Joel and Joey and the rest of the PDRTX Auto Hail Repair team went above and beyond my expectations in servicing my 2022 Trail Boss after going through its first ever hail storm. The damages were significant and worth over $10K. Their team worked with my car insurance company tirelessly and what was a seamless transition in getting me into a courtesy vehicle and returning my truck to me within a very reasonable time frame. My highest recommendation goes for this business if in need of hail damage services or repair. When I say above and beyond expectations, I meant every word…no need to look for any business elsewhere! Thank you PDRTX team!
Testimonial Icon from Client

Therapeutic Music

Hail Damage Repair

I can't speak highly enough of PDRTX. I was skeptical at the beginning because I had never heard of them but they allowed me to see their shop and how they do their work before making any decisions. Everyone I met was extremely professional and courteous, however Brodie went above and beyond to help me with anything I needed. I can legitimately call Brodie a friend after this experience. I never met a staff member of any company that took care of his customers the way Brodie did with me. Shout out to you Brodie, PDRTX struck gold with you sir! Hats off to the whole PDRTX crew, my car looks AMAZING and you would never know it ever had hail damage. I'm thoroughly impressed! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Beau Applebaum Testimonial Icon

Beau Applebaum

Hail Damage Repair

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Have Questions About Auto Hail Repair in Frisco TExas? We Have the Answers!

If you're wondering about the auto hail repair process or have specific questions about your vehicle, our FAQ section is here to provide all the answers you need with clarity and precision.

What Services Does PDRTX Offer in Frisco, Texas 75034?

PDRTX specializes in comprehensive auto hail repair services, providing top-notch solutions for all types of hail damage. From minor dents to major repairs, we've got you covered in Frisco.

How Can I Contact PDRTX in Frisco for Auto Hail Repair?

You can reach out to us at (469) 885-3796 for any inquiries or to schedule your auto hail repair. Our team is ready to provide the expert service you need.

Is PDRTX Involved in the Frisco Community?

Yes, PDRTX is an active member of the Frisco community, including participation in the Frisco Chamber of Commerce. We're committed to supporting and contributing to local initiatives.

What Makes PDRTX Different from Other Auto Hail Repair Services in Frisco?

PDRTX stands out due to our expert technicians, cutting-edge repair techniques, and commitment to customer satisfaction. Our personalized approach ensures your vehicle receives the best care.

Can I Schedule My Auto Hail Repair Online with PDRTX in Frisco?

Absolutely! PDRTX offers an easy online booking option for your convenience. Schedule your appointment at PDRTX Frisco online to get started on your vehicle’s restoration.

Do You Offer Any Guarantees for Your Auto Hail Repair Work?

Yes, at PDRTX, we stand behind our work with a satisfaction guarantee. We're confident in our services and want you to be completely happy with the results.

What Are the Operating Hours of PDRTX in Frisco, Texas?

For the most current operating hours, please check our website or contact us directly. Otherwise, we are open from 9am to 5pm Monday through Saturday. We strive to accommodate your schedule and provide timely services.

Still have questions?

Feel free to reach out to us for more info at (469) 885-3796 or check out all FAQ for all the answers you need.

Discover Exceptional Auto Hail Repair in Frisco, Texas 75034 with PDRTX

Struggling to find top-notch auto hail repair services in Frisco? Look no further! PDRTX is your go-to for eliminating hail damage and restoring your vehicle's pristine condition. Don't let dents and damages linger. Reach out to us and witness the transformation of your car.

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